What You Need to Know About Different Types of Mice in the Northeast

Do you hear the pitter-patter of lots of little feet, in your ceiling and walls? Chances are, it’s mice. Mice are the most common rodent that can infest your house, and there’s no shortage of the little critters trying to get into your home. Well, no need for a rodent identification guide. We will tell you about species of mice in this blog post. Here’s what you need to know about some of the most common types of mice in New England.


If You Have A Mouse In Your House, It’s Probably One Of These Types of Mice:

1 – House Mouse

The aptly-named “House Mouse” is an actually recognized species, a breed which has basically evolved to live within human structures. A typical house mouse is grey, with a small head and relatively large body, and can even be mistaken for a juvenile rat. These mice love to eat cereals, and they also have very little need for extra water beyond what’s in their diet. They’re burrowers, so you’re most likely to find them on the ground floor, or in the basement.


2 – Deer Mice

Deer mice have notably large eyes, due to being nocturnal forest-dwellers, and tend to have brown or red upper bodies with white bellies.  They also have extremely long tails, up to 2x their body length, which improves their balance. Deer mice are climbers, so they’ll head for your attic if they can get inside. Deer mice are also among the most dangerous of mice because they often carry the deadly hantavirus. A suspected deer mouse infestation should be cleared out ASAP.


3 – White-Footed Mice

White-footed mice are a small type of mice, even by mouse standards, with bodies that are usually only 3-4 inches.  They feature relatively large heads and, of course, white feet. Their bellies are also white. These mice are native to fields, and you probably won’t see them unless your home happens to border agricultural lands. Unfortunately, due to their tiny size, keeping them out of structures is extremely difficult. They can slip through just about any crack, even ones too small for people to notice.

Mice in the Northeast

What To Do About A Mouse Problem: Expert Pest Control

Keeping these types of mice out of the home isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. Close up any cracks in your walls, and don’t leave any food or water out where they can get to it. If a mouse thinks it’s found a food source, they’re there to stay.


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