Termite Treatment – What to Expect

termite treatment

TERMITES! The word to a homeowner is like yelling “shark” at the beach. It evokes fear because of the extreme damage both can do. The big difference is shark attacks are rare: termites are all too common. A lot of people think termites are only a southern problem. Truth his, termites are quite common in New England! At this point, you either have an existing problem and you need a termite treatment, or want to monitor the area and catch the termites before they do damage to your property.

The Expert Termite Treatment

At Expert Pest Control, we’ve come up with the ultimate weapon against these destructive invaders. First and foremost, we don’t treat every house or property the same way; we customize the treatment to fit your situation.
Some people don’t realize they have a problem until their home is infested. Lots of damage to sills, floor joists, girders, etc., all need to be repaired, as well as getting rid of the culprits who did all this damage. This damage can be several thousand dollars to repair. Some people get lucky and catch them early before they’ve done too much damage. Some people prevent any termite damage and catch them before they’ve gotten to the house. We have an Early Detection System to do this very thing.

What Needs to be Done for an Effective Termite Treatment

Also I mentioned earlier we customize the treatment to best treat the severity of the problem at your home. It would be crazy to treat someone who has a slight problem the same way as someone whose home is infested with a severe damage issue. We use a combination of bait stations, termiticides, liquid baits inside their tunnels and foams. This treatment is odorless, low in toxicity, and extremely effective! The best materials are used and we spend as much time as needed to do a great job. We also have 25 years experience dealing with problems like yours.

I know you want the best termite treatment with the most effective materials, and a company that has the safety of you, your family, and your pets in mind. So choose Expert Pest Control and rid your most expensive investment, your home, of termites. Schedule your appointment today. Use the Experts to solve your problem. You won’t be sorry.

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