Your kitchen is where you prepare and cook meals for your family. It may even be where your family eats, whether it’s a sit-down dinner or a quick breakfast. So, when you see ants crawling across your kitchen, it makes perfect sense that you want to get rid of them quickly in a way that’s safe for your family. There are a number of safe ways to get rid of ants in the home, without using sprays, baits, or powders that are toxic to humans and pets. Some techniques take a little bit of effort, but in the end, you can kick the ants out of your house and keep them out!


Top 4 Safe Ways to Get Rid of Ants


As Simple as Soap and Water

Keeping a clean kitchen is one of the best ways to prevent ants from finding their way in and foraging for food, and soap and water are central to this prevention strategy. Even once the pests find their way in, soap and water is one of the simplest and most effective tools in your natural ant extermination arsenal.


Combine one teaspoon of liquid dish soap with water a spray bottle, and spray ants when you see them. The soapy water will kill the ants when you hit them. It also destroys their chemical trails so that other ants can’t follow them. You can add mint oil, citrus peels, or citrus rind oil for added potency.


Create Natural Barriers

While you’re busy spraying the ants crawling across your kitchen with soap and water, you want to make sure other ants stay out by creating natural and effective barriers. There are several natural and effective barriers you can use to get rid of ants naturally; barriers that ants won’t cross. Make sure any barrier you lay down remains unbroken. Ants will find their way through gaps.


So what smells repel ants? You’d be surprised at the scents you can use from around the house. In addition to being safe ways to get rid of ants, these barrier methods will make your house smell wonderful!

  • Ground cinnamon or cinnamon essential oil

  • Peppermint essential oil or crushed peppermint leaves

  • Garlic: rub fresh cloves over the ant trails, as well as the entry points

  • Lavender oil

  • Chalk: use a powder from your local hardware store or draw a chalk line with regular chalk sticks

  • Dish soap and baking soda: combine a small amount of dish soap with baking soda and water and create a thin barrier line where the ants are coming in


Make Your Own Baits

You can buy poison ant baits, but chances are you have materials on-hand to create simple, safe, and effective baits. You can use these home remedies to get rid of ants:

  • Baking soda and powdered sugar: The ants are attracted to the sweetness of the sugar, but the baking soda they eat along with it will kill them

  • Cornmeal: This kitchen staple is indigestible to ants, who carry the cornmeal back to their nests and eat it

  • Uncooked Cream of Wheat: When ants eat uncooked farina, it expands in their stomachs, killing them

  • Coffee grounds: The used grounds from your morning coffee is another effective exterminator of ants


You can also create baits of boric acid. While boric acid is toxic to humans in larger quantities, the amount used to kill ants is small enough to be safe for your family, although you should keep it away from children and pets. You can buy boric acid at your local drug store and sprinkle a small amount in real maple syrup. Place a plate or sauce with this mixture wherever ants are present.


The Best Safe Way to Get Rid of Ants: Expert Pest Control

Although there are numerous safe and effective home remedies, only the pest professional brings the knowledge and expertise to completely solve your ant problem. Exterminators can find and destroy nests inside and around your home, making it unlikely the ants will return anytime soon.


Your local pest control professional, Expert Pest Control, can help you with safe ways to get rid of ants, both in your house and on your property. They know where to look for colonies and have the tools and solutions necessary to get rid of them. Our highly skilled technicians evaluate your property. We identify any ant colonies that may be present and attack at the root. Our techs concentrate on the problem areas of the home and treat these spaces accordingly.


Expert Pest Control uses highly advanced technology, including commercial grade rid agents, that are both eco and pet-friendly safe ways to get rid of ants. Our powerful formulas eliminate and minimize the risk of ant infestation in your home. Our skilled technicians safeguard the areas to keep you and your family safe. You can read more about what to expect from our ant treatments here.


Prevent ants from causing problems for your property or family this year. Have our team come out to assess the area and provide a comprehensive protection plan that you can afford. Let us provide maximum defense against the threat of ant infestation, and keep your home pest free.


Stop ants from invading your house and bothering your friends, family, and pets. Call us at (800) 235-3093, or Contact Us, for safe ways to get rid of ants now!

Safe Ways to Get Rid of Ants

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