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Bug Jim! - Tips & Resources from EXPERT PEST CONTROL President Jim Byrne


For over 25 years, Expert Pest Control (EPC) has been one of New England’s most trusted go-to resources for all forms of pest control, maintenance, and relocation. From our highly regarded customer service to our creative problem-solving, we rise to every challenge and enjoy seeing satisfied customers saying goodbye to infestation.


However, the other reason we’re so trusted is our dedication to education. Pest Control isn’t just a job – we are committed to helping the community live and work pest-free, and we’re always willing to do what we can to make that happen.


As a genuine resource to home and business owners, as well as property managers, if there’s something you need to know about pest control, chances are we’ve got you covered right on our website. From relevant articles to media appearances and our President’s popular podcast, EPC is dedicated to educating people on the prevention of infestation with our pest control resources.


MEDIA:  Our interview archive, featuring on-air discussions on TV or radio with founder (and local celeb) Jim Byrne is a great source of information. His weekly appearances on WKNE radio can be found in our media library as well as a number of talks and engagements he’s participated in over the course of his career.


PODCAST:  We recently introduced our “Bug Jim” podcast, and our founder shares tips and stories from across his quarter-century career in his own inimitable style.  Is there a topic you’d like to hear him discuss in an upcoming podcast? There’s a suggestion box right on the page. Have a question about pests or pest control, send it to us and we’ll answer it on the podcast.



Learn about our pest control solutions from single applications to seasonal maintenance plans. Our eco-friendly products are safer for people, plants, and animals. And, we work with each home and business owner to determine the best course of action for your individual pest problems. At Expert Pest Control, we aim for you, our customer, to be as informed as you can be for better outcomes. We’ve made it our business to keep you and your loved ones pest free! If you run into a pest problem, and our pest control resources cannot solve it, Contact Us today.

Expert Pest Control - Swanzy New Hampshire has been trusted by both businesses and residential properties for over 25+ years to get rid of those pesky pests.


We proudly have pest control service areas in the following Mass, New Hampshire, and Maine Counties:



Essex County


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Middlesex County


Norfolk County


Worcester County

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Cheshire (including Keene)


Hillsborough County
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Merrimack County
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Rockingham County
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Strafford County

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York County

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Get rid of mice - removal Swanzy NH
Get rid of mice - removal Swanzy NH


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Swanzy, New Hampshire
Professional Rodent Removal 

Rodents find people’s houses ideal environments in which to live. Your home is warm, has lots of food, and many places to hide. Also, mice and rats are on opposite schedules than humans so you might not notice these nocturnal creatures until there are many scurrying about your house. To stop this infestation once and for all, rely on our rodent removal company--Expert Pest Control - Call today 800-235-3093 .



A Comprehensive Plan for Rodent Control in Swanzy, New Hampshire

Our Pest Exterminator uses a comprehensive approach to eliminating rodents from your house. One big step is to seal off your house so rats can’t get inside. Another is using professional rodent removal practices and products. There are also things you can do, such as making sure any trash is tightly sealed in plastic and placed in sturdy containers, and not leaving food out or unwrapped.


Count on us to take care of that rodent problem for you. We invite you to call us and tell us about your problem, so our technicians can provide you with rodent control.


Contact us today to learn about the harm and damage rodents can do to your house. We proudly serve customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Maine.

Providing You with Roach Extermination - Swanzy New Hampshire

When you spot a cockroach inside your house in the daytime, it’s a sign that many more are hiding in dark cupboards, as well as tiny cracks and crevices. The goal of roach extermination is to access small hidden places where they make their homes and create an environment where they’re not welcome. To eliminate roaches from your house, look to Expert Pest Control Call today 800-235-3093


A Step-by-Step Process to Destroy Cockroaches

Our Pest Exterminator employs a multi-pronged approach to getting rid of roaches because buying bug spray is just not enough for these tenacious insects. Our approach includes these steps:



Thorough House Cleaning

Storing All Food in Protective Containers

Blocking Access into Your House


We know bugs. Our technicians know their habits, what they like to eat, and where they like to live. We also know how to eliminate them. Reach out to our company to destroy a roach infestation.


Contact us today to explain to you how our technicians will get rid of the roaches for you.


We proudly serve customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Maine.

Roach Exterminator - Swanzy NH
Roach Exterminator - SWANZY NH

$25 Off Your Next Pest Control


For jobs in excess of $250.00, not to be combined with any

other discount offer and for new customers only.

Discount cannot exceed $50.

Roach Exterminator - SWANZY NH



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