before we arrive

  • Let us know about ALL pets in the house


  • Remove all beds, chew toys, bones, etc.


  • Cover cages and remove all perches in treatment areas


  • Remove any cages or tanks from areas that will be treated


  • Contact your vet if you have additional questions before our arrival

Pet Friendly Pest Control Services

Get safe, low-toxic, pet friendly pest control solutions. Although we hate bugs and rodents, we love pets! That’s why we offer a variety of safe, low-toxic pest control alternatives which are effective in killing small insects, but pose no threat to pets or people.


Whether you have family members that are furry and feathery, or slither and swim, Expert Pest Control delivers pet friendly pest control and takes the necessary precautions during extermination and routine treatments.


One of the first things we recommend to owners is to inform pest control experts of any pets in the home, in order to make recommendations to keep them safe. From covering cages, to removing toys, we offer a number of tips to help you prepare for pest control.


Take a look at our infographic for quick and easy ideas on prepping for treatments. And, when in doubt, always contact your veterinarian for information on keeping your feathered and four-legged friends out of harm’s way when pest control is necessary in and around your home.

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