Termite Control

Termite Control

In homes across New England, termite infestations have begun with sightings of swarming black insects starting in the Spring. These swarms are flying termites in search of a new, moist home for the colony, and once the colony moves in they’ll begin feeding on all kinds of wooden structures, compromising their integrity.


  • White Ants


  • Size: Anywhere from 1/8th of an inch to ½ an inch long
  • Color: The Workers are cream colored, The Swarmers are winged black and The Soldiers resemble the workers with brown heads


  • Termites are constantly foraging for food, and unfortunately houses are their food of choice
  • They create narrow mud-tubes as a means of travel and you’ll see those appearing on foundation wall surfaces. Hollowed & extremely soft wood are sure signs of a termite infestation
  • It’s estimated that termites cause 5 billion dollars’ worth of damage every year in the US alone

The Crimes :

  • Infestation
  • Wood Damage
  • Property Destruction
  • Compromising Structural Integrity
  • Eating without paying
  • Being Gross

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