Raccoon Control

Raccoon Control

What happened to my yard? These furry little bandits forage in residential areas primarily at night – tipping trash cans and invading outdoor feeders. The make themselves right at home on your property and pose serious health risks to residents and domesticated pets.


  • Procyon lotor
  • North American raccoon
  • Northern raccoon
  • Common raccoon


  • Size: Typically 16-38 inches (7-16 inch tail) and ranges from 12-36 lbs
  • Body: Medium sized build with 5 digits on paws, dexterous front paws to manipulate foods, and bushy tail
  • Color: Grayish dense coat with black coloring resembling a facial mask, and back and gray rings on tail


  • Intelligent nocturnal creatures that are extremely adaptable
  • They can inhabit rural, suburban, and urban neighborhoods
  • Ominvores that will consume plant life and small animals
  • Lives typically up to 3 years in the wild

The Crimes :

  • Will forage for food in residential areas tipping trash cans and composting bins
  • Can transmit diseases such as rabies, distemper, and roundworm
  • May build dens under porches, sheds, and outbuildings
  • Can enter homes through openings like chimneys and attic windows

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WARNING! Raccoons should be considered armed and dangerous.
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