Pest Control for Condominiums

pest control for condominiums

Expert Pest Control partners with property managers and residential management companies to ensure your condo complex and townhouse development is free of infestation.

Pests are more than just a nuisance. They can quickly become a health risk and safety issue that can cause thousands of dollars in compliance fines and legal fees for property managers, as well as pose an imminent threat to on-site employees and residents.

Our technicians work with each property manager to identify high risk and problem areas in New England housing developments that result in infestation of disease carrying mice, rats, small wildlife, bats, and birds. We treat the area and remove hives and nests of stinging and biting insects that could inhibit day-to-day operations. Plus, our seasonal mosquito and tick treatment for common green spaces and wooded areas helps control an outbreak during peak months.

Expert Pest Control offers scheduled maintenance plans and emergency services to property managers of condominium complexes. Stay ahead of pest problems with pest control for condominiums and minimize risk before infestation gets out of hand:

Protection Plans

Ask us about our Pest Protection Plans for Property Managers to safeguard your residential development, and learn about our eco-friendly, green solutions that are safer for people, pets, and the environment.

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