Common pavement ants are fighters, and survivalists. They have an enormous propensity to thrive in hostile conditions, they are massively strong for their tiny size, and find safety in numbers which is why when one shows up you can be sure there are others close behind. An infestation can quickly grow from a few random sightings to a nest of thousands.



  • Formicidae

  • Pavement Ants



  • Size: Usually 1/8 inch

  • Color: Dark brown to black

  • Shape: Oval shaped

  • Limbs: 6 legs



  • Common type of ant that can live indoors or out

  • Named due to their fondness for nesting under pavement slabs

  • Leaves behind wood shavings which provides clues to nesting locations

  • Can lift up to 20 times its own body weight


The Crimes:

  • Colonies can average 3K-4K insects

  • Will nest within foundation and hollowed out walls

  • May nest in woodpiles near homes

  • Will gravitate to and forage for any kind of food or crumbs left around

  • One queen can produce millions of babies in a lifetime

  • They show up and rarely leave on their own

Pavement Ant Exterminator


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