Flea Treatment – What to Expect

What to Expect from Our Flea Treatment

What You Need to Know Before Your Flea Treatment

We hope you realize that the success of our flea treatment to rid your home of fleas is dependent on 3 parties:

  • The first party is YOU: vacuuming your home and preparing correctly for our arrival.
  • The second party is your VET: treating all of your pets with a flea dip.
  • The third party is US: Expert Pest Control: We truly need your help to achieve success!

We apply several materials in your home that act in various ways on the different biological stages of the flea. We apply a residual material to kill the larvae and the adult fleas within a few hours of application, and another material which keeps developing fleas from reaching the adult stage (the stage where they bite and reproduce.) Both of these materials will work for months killing the fleas that live or are brought into your home.

About the Flea Life Cycle

There is something you need to understand about the flea life cycle: they can only be killed when they’re in the larva or adult stage. When they’re in the egg or pupa stage they cannot be killed because they are in a protective casing. Once they hatch, the residual of the material will kill them in a few hours. However, for a few weeks you may see some fleas that have just hatched. You should allow 30 full days for this treatment to work. The material will easily last a couple of months, so it will still be working to kill the fleas. Please note: in a cluttered basement, we will treat as best we can, and will also treat with an ultra-light-volume mist that will leave a residual behind.

Before We Arrive to Apply the Flea Treatment We Require

  • An extremely thorough vacuuming (including under furniture, the furniture and its cushions, an all floor areas.)
  • Placing the vacuum bag in a plastic garbage bag and removing it from the house
  • Cleaning out under beds, closet floors, etc. The more floor area that we can treat, the better the treatment.
  • Picking up all loose articles such as books, toys, shoes, etc. before our arrival.

If this preparation was not completed prior to our arrival, you may be subject to a $75.00 surcharge to retreat. It is essential that we have your FULL cooperation in order to rid your home of fleas.

After Our Flea Treatment

The following day, please vacuum again. This will truly help our application because it will stimulate the fleas in the pupa state to hatch in to a strong residual that was put down just the day before. It will also remove more fleas from the carpeting.

Remember, please get rid of the vacuum bag. Vacuum often during the next few weeks. This will eliminate any fleas hatching late from their pupa cases and any stray fleas brought in by your pet. This will not hurt the treatment. The material bonds strongly to carpet fiber and will not be removed by vacuuming.

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