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“During our 20+ years affiliation with Expert Pest Control, everyone has ALWAYS been professional, helpful, prompt, kind when either fixed a pet problem or applied our bi-annual pest application. The mosquito application did not work once due to weather and they re-applied. Mark has been “our man” for years and we have nothing but good things to say about him. Kudos Mark! And, thank you to all!!”


Our Technicians

“When I called customer service gave me all of the information that I asked for and even more answers that I would not have known to ask. I was called back within the hour to schedule an appointment. They scheduled the appointment around my hours because I worked. When the technician came he gave me detailed information on what kind of spray he was using, what it would do, how safe it was, how long it would take to get rid of the fleas and the steps I had to do to clean up the dead fleas after he was gone. He also guaranteed his work for six months. When he was done we were following the steps of the clean-up and the doors were open so some bugs flew in. Believe me within 30 minutes the bugs were found dead on the floor. After 3 weeks like he told me I went up there on my hands and knees looking for fleas they were none anywhere. Any kind of bug or fly that got into the place was found dead. I received so much information and was so pleased with Expert Control that I have been talking about it to everyone. I have lived in my home for over 30 years and have dealt with hundreds of different kinds of contractors and there has been only two that I would recommend and Expert Control is one of them.”


“The technician was professional and nice. He did not need to set any traps because everything look good. He also showed up on time.”


"They were very prompt in setting up the appointment and the tech who worked on our property was professional and friendly."


Treatment For Ants

“They were professional, knowledgeable and quick. They took the time to explain, I didn’t feel rushed. They took interest in the problem and my understanding of it. They were also successful as I haven’t had a problem since then.”


“I did have an ant problem in between services but they came out right away and handled it.


"The person that did the spraying did an excellent job. I got a few ants in the house for a couple of days after but now I am ant free."


Treatment For Bugs

“When we discovered bed bugs on our mattress, we wanted something done as soon as possible. We had never hired an exterminator before and we didn’t have anyone we could ask. I looked through the reviews and found the ones that referenced bed bugs. Carl came out promptly…We felt very comfortable with him, and he emailed us detailed instructions on what we needed to do to prepare for the extermination. The treatment went very smoothly. A few days later, however, we were disturbed to discover another bed bug in a different room. Carl was very prompt in getting back to us, allayed our fears, and promised that they would come back out if we discovered any more. When we did discover another bed bug the next week, he made good on his promise. They came out and performed a second treatment at no charge. We’ve had no problems since then. Carl and his team were very supportive and professional, and we would not hesitate recommending them to anyone with a similar problem.


Treatment For Fleas

“My tenant left the apartment loaded with fleas. The apartment had 3 rooms of wall to wall carpeting. Plus he had to do the hallway and both porches. He sprayed everything with a pet and people safe spray. Because there was no one living there he did extra spraying.”


Treatment For Wasps

“Ric just left - what a fun, professional, informative, great work ethic - just a really nice guy!! I'm SO HAPPY I picked Expert Pest Control out of the many companies I had to choose from! We are selling this house and you can best believe that I will be calling you for my NEXT Home and will for sure be telling everyone we know about your great service!!"


Full Maintenance Plans

“We have been using Expert Pest Control’s services for years. We had a bad carpenter ant problem and mice. They spray for wasps, ants, and set up bait traps for the mice. One summer we had a really bad wasp problem under our deck and we were going to have company over. They came out right away and tended to them at no extra charge. We were really happy.”

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