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However, the other reason we’re so trusted is our dedication to education. Pest control isn’t just a job – we are committed to helping the community live and work pest-free, and we’re always willing to do what we can to make that happen.

As a genuine resource to home and business owners, as well as property managers, if there’s something you need to know about pest control, chances are we’ve got you covered right on our website. From informative blogs and relevant articles to media appearances and our President’s popular podcast, EPC is dedicated to educating people on the prevention of infestation with our pest control resources.

BLOGS:  For years, Expert Pest Control’s blogs have helped individuals find the information they need for pest control. From the identification, FAQs, and prevention of insects and rodents, to the humorous anecdotes that go hand-in-hand with this profession, we’ve got numerous topics that can answer all of your questions.

MEDIA:  Our interview archive, featuring on-air discussions on TV or radio with founder (and local celeb) Jim Byrne is a great source of information. His weekly appearances on WKNE radio can be found in our media library as well as a number of talks and engagements he’s participated in over the course of his career.

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Learn about our pest control solutions from single applications to seasonal maintenance plans. Our eco-friendly products are safer for people, plants, and animals. And, we work with each home and business owner to determine the best course of action for your individual pest problems. At Expert Pest Control, we aim for you, our customer, to be as informed as you can be for better outcomes. We’ve made it our business to keep you and your loved ones pest free! If you run into a pest problem, and our pest control resources cannot solve it, contact us today.

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what are the signs of bed bug infestation?Bed bugs can ruin a night’s sleep, and an infestation is incredibly hard to fully contain. Worse, bed bugs can hitch-hike with travelers and follow them home, so even if you come across them in a hotel, they can easily end up in your own house! The mere rumor that a lodging destination has bed bugs can kill a business. Whether at home or traveling, you should always be aware of the possibility that bed bugs could be around. Here are a few things you should know so that you can look for signs of bed bug infestation.

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how to keep squirrels awayOne of the benefits of modern civilization is that even harsh winters are little problem for most people. We have nice cozy warm homes with plenty of insulation so that we can ride out even the worst winter weather that New England has to offer. Unfortunately, sometimes those benefits of modern living go to freeloaders too – such as squirrels who might try to take up residence inside your home! Continue reading this blog post to learn how to keep squirrels away during the winter:

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Do you hear the pitter-patter of lots of little feet, in your ceiling and walls? Chances are, it’s mice. Mice are the most common rodent that can infest your house, and there’s no shortage of the little critters trying to get into your home. Well, no need for a rodent identification guide. We will tell you about species of mice in this blog post. Here’s what you need to know about some of the most common types of mice in New England.

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How to Keep Mice Out of Your House This Halloween

When your doorbell rings on Halloween, you might see kids dressed up as Mickey & Minnie, or other cute cartoon rodents. However, they won’t be the only rodents looking for treats! As the weather turns colder, mice will increasingly try to find a way into your nice warm home – and they could end up pulling plenty of tricks, even as they try to steal your treats.

Mice are one of the most common types of rodent home invaders and can be among the most pernicious. As cute as they are, even one mouse in your house is one too many! Continue reading to learn how to keep mice out of your house this Halloween.

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Few insects are quite so reviled as ticks. You can find plenty of people who love mantids, bees, spiders, tarantulas…  there are even people who’ll defend wasps. But it’s hard to imagine that there’s anyone who considers ticks to be anything but a scourge. All these creepy little crawlies do is suck blood and spread disease.

And they can strike at any time.

One of the most common -and unfortunate- misconceptions about ticks is the idea that they’re only active during the hot months. While it’s true that some ticks go dormant in the winter, there are still many species which remain active year-round. This includes species like the deer tick, which can easily spread diseases like Lyme Disease to pets or people.

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how to get rid of rats from commercial propertiesWhat You Need to Know About Rats In Commercial Properties

There are few things business-owners would less want to hear from a customer than “I saw a rat!” Rats (and other rodents) are among the most common pests that can make their way into commercial properties, particularly those specializing in the food service industry.  The presence of a rat will not only damage your reputation, but it can also put your licensing at risk. This blog post will show you how to get rid of rats from your business before it hurts your bottom line.

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Here’s a question which we get on occasion, which is worth answering in a blog: Do you need professional home pest inspections when buying (or selling) a home in Massachusetts?

And the answer is: It depends. While it’s rare for home pest inspections to be legally required before a home can be sold, there are many circumstances where you may still need to have one. Plus, it’s a very good idea for obvious reasons.

Everything You Need To Know About Home Pest Inspections When Buying or Selling In Massachusetts 

1 – Am I required to get a new home pest inspection?

In the vast majority of cases, you’re not going to be legally required to have a pest inspection done when buying or selling a home. The only exception would be if a state agency is involved in the sale, such as state housing aid for low-income buyers or similar situation.

However, if you’re planning on getting a mortgage, the bank may want a full home inspection. This would include structural elements like the foundation, whether its utility hookups are up to code and, of course, checking for any kind of insect infestation – especially termites.

In short, you can purchase a home without home pest inspections, however, this isn’t without risk.

2 – Why get home pest inspections?

Not getting a pest inspection when buying a home would be like buying a car without checking under the hood. A house might look nice from the outside, but there’s no telling what might be hidden within. In particular, areas which are out of public view -like the area inside the walls, or infrequently-seen crawlspaces in the attic- can very easily have rodents, insects, or other vermin.

This can substantially impact the value of your soon-to-be new home! Worse, depending on how bad the infestation might be, it could cost you thousands extra to clear out and make your home fit to live in.

Also, if an inspection is done and pests are discovered, that can be used to haggle down the price. Or, delay the sale until the seller cleans it up.

In the meantime, unless there’s some evidence that the previous owner knew about the infestation and deliberately withheld disclosure, there’s little you could do about it. And that’s very hard to prove. “Buyer beware” is the philosophy to live by here.

3 – Who pays for the home pest inspections?

It varies, depending on negotiations for the house. In theory, it’s the buyer’s responsibility. But, very often the home pest inspection can be negotiated into being part of the home’s selling price. That said, either way, make sure that you are the one hiring the home inspectors – just to be safe.

Plus, a full property pest inspection is rarely going to run more than a few hundred dollars. Compared to the price of the home, that’s worth paying in terms of the trouble it can help you avoid.

Get Easy And Painless Home Pest Inspections From Expert Pest Control

Expert Pest Control is the leading partner for New England residential and commercial pest management and extermination. We provide local expertise and rapid results. We work with prospective homeowners to assess a property, pinpoint infestation, and locate areas of risk to mitigate future infestation. Our technicians are located throughout MA, NH, and Southern ME. They are local to the areas and know exactly which pests homeowners need to be aware of. Contact us below to learn why more people trust Expert Pest Control for ant and termite removal for home inspections.

Very common pests that can cause headaches for New England homeowners are bats and squirrels. In the latest episode of Bug Jim, The Pest Control Podcast, Jim Byrne from Expert Pest Control continues speaking about what you need to know about bat and squirrel control. This is part 3 of 3 episodes about small wildlife. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to stay up-to-date with the latest episodes. You can also listen to the podcast here. A transcript of the recent podcast below can help you understand the importance of pest control when bats or squirrels are present on your property.

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Most homeowners in New England have enough to worry about with the potential for carpenter ants and termites to chew up their homes. Unfortunately, there’s another bug out there which is hungry for the soft starchy flesh of trees, one which far fewer people know about. And they should since it’s just as destructive as the better-known wood eaters. Meet the powder post beetle. If you’ve got an infestation, you need to know the warning signs and contact New England pest control experts ASAP.

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