Past posts have touched upon how to tell the difference between ants and termites. And, that’s all well and good, but what happens if you’ve got both in close proximity?


Once the anxiety of infestation wears off, calling a pest control expert should be the first thing you do. The last thing you need is a widespread outbreak of different bugs invading and potentially damaging your property.


While you’re waiting for the professionals to arrive and eliminate the problem, you might be treated to quite the show. Many people don’t realize that ants and termites are actually mortal enemies. If nests from both species are in close proximity, all-out ants vs termites war is likely to break out – and only one hive is likely to survive.


In short, in this ant colony war its...MORTAL KOMB-ANT!


However, don’t start placing those sure-thing bets on the bigger bug.


Ants vs Termites War: Who Wins?

On the surface, you would probably think that termites would be the easy victors. After all, termites are substantially larger than ants – usually by 2-3x, if not even bigger. Termites also often have heads that would appear built for combat. But that’s not necessarily the case in the termites vs ants war.


When ants go up against termites, it’s usually not even close to a fair fight. Termites get annihilated. Despite their average size and weight, ants are much more aggressive and almost always have numerical superiority as well. They’ll invade the termite nest, make short work of the termite warriors, then kill the termite queen and drag her from the nest. This virtually always ensures the death of a termite colony.


In fact, some species of ants have been known to specifically prey upon termites for food. Do termites ever win against ants? Not usually.


Ants vs Termites War: Termites’ Best Chance for Survival

And those weird adaptations seen on termite heads, like big blocky structures? Those are basically defensive – a last-ditch evolutionary throw to try to grow some sort of way to stop ant attacks. Unfortunately for the termites, it often doesn’t help much. At best, it allows the termite defenders to hold off the ant attack long enough for termite workers to seal off any entry points to their queen’s chamber. If the queen survives, the termite colony survives, no matter how many workers and warriors are lost in the battle.


At least until the next ant attack.


Fear The Ant-agonists: Don’t Use Ants to Get Rid of Termites!

While many would think (and some have even tried) to use ants as rid agents for termites it’s obviously not recommended, nor as effective as one would hope. Most ants are marginally less damaging to human habitation than carpenter ants, but you probably don’t want a super-colony of bloodthirsty ant warriors in your backyard either.

Ants vs. Termites War - What to Know

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