how to keep squirrels awayOne of the benefits of modern civilization is that even harsh winters are little problem for most people. We have nice cozy warm homes with plenty of insulation so that we can ride out even the worst winter weather that New England has to offer. Unfortunately, sometimes those benefits of modern living go to freeloaders too – such as squirrels who might try to take up residence inside your home! Continue reading this blog post to learn how to keep squirrels away during the winter:

How Squirrels Cope With The Winter

Unlike many mammals, squirrels do not hibernate in cold weather – although they do eat heavily and bulk up in the fall to give themselves energy reserves. Instead, they have to find burrows or other suitable places to store food and hole up for the winter. They limit their foraging and try to survive solely on their body fat and whatever food they’ve managed to stockpile.

Of course, from a squirrel’s perspective, the warmer the better is the rule of thumb for burrows. And what could be warmer than a nice New England home?

Your basement, attic, garage, or even walls may be the favored spot where squirrels decide to ride out the winter. Also, red or grey squirrels generally lack much fear of humans, and can even be quite brazen in claiming a territory for themselves. Red squirrels have even been known to get aggressive with people or pets if they feel threatened.

Of course, these vagrants will cause all kinds of property damage, since they’ll be chewing up your stuff to make nests for themselves. They’ll also be leaving droppings, and generally being lousy houseguests (apart from being unwanted in the first place.)

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How to Keep Squirrels Away from Your House in the Winter:

1 – Close any holes in your walls

Do a spot check of your exterior walls, before snowfall starts. Patch any holes you see. A squirrel only needs a hole a few inches wide to get in.

2 – Don’t leave garbage out

Easily-accessible refuse is a magnet for squirrels and other rodents. Clean up your own trash promptly, and keep it in hard-to-open containers.

3 – Watch for signs of infestation

Squirrels will leave droppings, as well as plenty of gnawed-upon furniture and items.  If you’ve got an uninvited guest, you’ll know soon enough. Don’t wait to take action. The sooner you start the process of removal the less likely you are to incur ongoing damage.

The Best Way to Keep Squirrels Away in New England: Expert Pest Control

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