How to Keep Mice Out of Your House This Halloween

When your doorbell rings on Halloween, you might see kids dressed up as Mickey & Minnie, or other cute cartoon rodents. However, they won’t be the only rodents looking for treats! As the weather turns colder, mice will increasingly try to find a way into your nice warm home – and they could end up pulling plenty of tricks, even as they try to steal your treats.

Mice are one of the most common types of rodent home invaders and can be among the most pernicious. As cute as they are, even one mouse in your house is one too many! Continue reading to learn how to keep mice out of your house this Halloween.

The Problems A Few Mice Can Cause

One of the biggest issues with mice is how small they are. Creatures like rats and squirrels are large enough that they have limited options in where they can hide. But where do mice hide in a house? When they’re only a few inches long, there are very few places in your home they can’t make a nest.

Plus, mice are one of the rodent species who must consistently gnaw on things to grind their teeth down. So, they can easily get under the floorboards, into the walls, within large pieces of furniture, cabinetry, attic crawlspaces…  you get the picture. If there isn’t a direct route in, they’ll just chew their way in – and then keep on chewing.

Of course, those colonies need food, and mice have excellent senses of smell. They’ll chew their way into any food container they can. They’ll make short work of anything stored in bags or cardboard. Only heavy plastic or metal can keep them out.

Plus, mice can be a significant health risk. They’ll be leaving their droppings all over, which is inherently dangerous. Mice can also carry many human-transmittable diseases such as salmonella, hantavirus, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. On top of that, there’s the problem of parasites – mice can carry fleas, ticks, and worms which can transmit to you or your pets, and potentially bring even more diseases along for the ride.

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How to Keep Mice Out of Your House

Keeping a house 100% mouse-free can be extremely difficult, particularly in the fall. Right now, mice are desperately looking for a safe home in the winter – a home like yours. Their small size allows them to fit into almost any crack in walls, so “mouse-proofing” your house is often impractical.

However, you can discourage them from setting up camp.Here is a list of 5 ways that can help you keep mice out of your house this fall:

1 – Clean up food and properly store it.

What attracts mice in your house? Food. So, don’t give the mice easy access to food! Always promptly clean up after any meals, and take garbage outside rather than allowing discarded food to sit overnight. Also, avoid storing food in containers that mice can chew into, like cloth sacks or cardboard boxes.

2 – Look for nesting piles on your property.

Why do I have mice in my house? Do you have any of the following right outside your home? Mice like to make nests out of rotting leaves, piles of grass, and similar soft things. Discouraging them from nesting nearby reduces the odds they’ll try to get into your house.

3 – Remove outdoor food and water sources.

Store your outside trash in tight-sealing containers, and don’t leave bowls of water around. Consider ditching your bird feeder too – there’s a good chance you’re feeding more rodents than birds.

4 – Patch any obvious holes in your walls.

What causes mice in your house? Holes in your house! You probably can’t get every hole, but you can at least seal up the largest and most inviting entry points.

5 – Get a cat. 

Seriously, small rodent control is why humans domesticated cats in the first place. Plus, the smell of a cat is often one of the best mouse repellent options. Cats have scents that deter mice and this scent is usually enough to scare off many rodents. (But understanding that not everyone are cat-people, we’ll acknowledge this one is a stretch. (Good thing there’s professional help.)

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