Here’s a question which we get on occasion, which is worth answering in a blog: Do you need professional home pest inspections when buying (or selling) a home in Massachusetts?

And the answer is: It depends. While it’s rare for home pest inspections to be legally required before a home can be sold, there are many circumstances where you may still need to have one. Plus, it’s a very good idea for obvious reasons.

Everything You Need To Know About Home Pest Inspections When Buying or Selling In Massachusetts 

1 – Am I required to get a new home pest inspection?

In the vast majority of cases, you’re not going to be legally required to have a pest inspection done when buying or selling a home. The only exception would be if a state agency is involved in the sale, such as state housing aid for low-income buyers or similar situation.

However, if you’re planning on getting a mortgage, the bank may want a full home inspection. This would include structural elements like the foundation, whether its utility hookups are up to code and, of course, checking for any kind of insect infestation – especially termites.

In short, you can purchase a home without home pest inspections, however, this isn’t without risk.

2 – Why get home pest inspections?

Not getting a pest inspection when buying a home would be like buying a car without checking under the hood. A house might look nice from the outside, but there’s no telling what might be hidden within. In particular, areas which are out of public view -like the area inside the walls, or infrequently-seen crawlspaces in the attic- can very easily have rodents, insects, or other vermin.

This can substantially impact the value of your soon-to-be new home! Worse, depending on how bad the infestation might be, it could cost you thousands extra to clear out and make your home fit to live in.

Also, if an inspection is done and pests are discovered, that can be used to haggle down the price. Or, delay the sale until the seller cleans it up.

In the meantime, unless there’s some evidence that the previous owner knew about the infestation and deliberately withheld disclosure, there’s little you could do about it. And that’s very hard to prove. “Buyer beware” is the philosophy to live by here.

3 – Who pays for the home pest inspections?

It varies, depending on negotiations for the house. In theory, it’s the buyer’s responsibility. But, very often the home pest inspection can be negotiated into being part of the home’s selling price. That said, either way, make sure that you are the one hiring the home inspectors – just to be safe.

Plus, a full property pest inspection is rarely going to run more than a few hundred dollars. Compared to the price of the home, that’s worth paying in terms of the trouble it can help you avoid.

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