Very common pests that can cause headaches for New England homeowners are bats and squirrels. In the latest episode of Bug Jim, The Pest Control Podcast, Jim Byrne from Expert Pest Control continues speaking about what you need to know about bat and squirrel control. This is part 3 of 3 episodes about small wildlife. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to stay up-to-date with the latest episodes. You can also listen to the podcast here. A transcript of the recent podcast below can help you understand the importance of pest control when bats or squirrels are present on your property.

Bug Jim Podcast #10 Recap: Small Wildlife, Part 3: Bat & Squirrel Control

If I run into a bat or a squirrel in my attic, are they dangerous?

Jim: Only if cornered. Or, if a mom has her litter up there, she will be far more defensive. If she has her litter in a corner, and then you go rooting around near them, and she has no option other than to attack, she will attack. Trust me. Been there, done that!

What do you do to protect yourself when you are in the process of removing wildlife from your home or attic?

Jim: I always wear really thick, protective gloves, just in case I have to defend myself. You want to at least have that protection because if you try to get them with your bare hands, they could bite. But, if you wear these thick gloves, you have something to ward the squirrel or bat off with. However, it is extremely rare that something like that would happen.

Just don’t try to solve the bat and squirrel control problem yourself – you should call a professional pest control company.

Jim: You know, there are times when you call a professional. If you have a couple of ants in your driveway, grab a can of Raid. That will do it. But, there are other times where you might say, “I think this is a little beyond my expertise.” It is the same for an electrician or a plumber. You should say to yourself, “I don’t think I am going to attempt this myself. I might cause more trouble than help.” It is the same thing with bat and squirrel control. There are times when you should just call the pros.

In terms of bats or squirrels, do you have any crazy stories of a nightmarish bat and squirrel control job?

Jim: There have been houses, especially in older homes – I did this job in Lowell about 15 years ago. It was an old Victorian house that had a turret. The bats had been living there for probably decades! They had built up an enormous population. There were hundreds of bats living in this turret. And, because of how long they had lived there, there were hundreds of pounds of guano (which is bat droppings). It was quite the ordeal. First, we had to get all of the bats out and then another company had to come in to clean up the bat droppings. This bat removal job cost thousands of dollars. These people had a lot of money. The house was gorgeous – probably easily a million-dollar home. But yeah, that was a really bad bat problem.

For squirrels, sometimes we will find a colony of 30 squirrels living in an attic. We have to trap them and you can only trap one or two at a time. Then you have to go back and set the traps again, and repeat that process until all of the squirrels are out. It can be very time-consuming. Then, after we get all of the squirrels out, then we have to close off the holes so that they cannot get back in. This can get pretty expensive as well because of how much time it took.

How long can that type of squirrel removal job take?

Jim: For that particular squirrel removal job, we were back and forth there for at least 3 weeks. Setting traps, getting rid of the ones that we caught, setting traps, getting rid of the ones that we caught, and so on. It is very time-consuming.

If it is just a small squirrel problem, how long does that take?

Jim: Usually a few days to a week – and it’s usually 2 visits.

So to solve a squirrel problem, you would set a trap and then come back?

Jim: Yes. A lot of rodent, bat and squirrel problems are not one-stop shopping. We go there, assess the situation, and do the first round of control. Then, usually, in a week or two, we come back and check the traps to see what we have caught. A lot of times, that is the end of it and we close up the hole and it is done. Other times, it could be one trip, two trips, three trips, four trips, five trips, until the problem is solved.

What type of bait do you use to catch squirrels or rodents?

Jim: We use a number of different things, with peanut butter being the most glaringly obvious. That’s like bees to honey. Peanut butter has such a strong odor that squirrels and rodents are attracted to it. But, we will also use some other kinds of bait too.

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