Of all the various types of insect infestations a person can have in their home, fleas can be among the most difficult to get under control. A flea infestation can be absolutely nightmarish for residents, requiring days or weeks of work to kill all of them and all of their eggs. Even professional pest control experts have to do some serious legwork to clear fleas out of a house, once they’ve dug in. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for fleas to sneak in via your domesticated pests. Therefore, ensuring they don’t penetrate your property is your first line of defense to keep fleas away from your home.

Five Vital Tips to Keep Fleas Away From Your Home

1 – Keep your pets clean and well-groomed

It goes without saying that you should keep your dogs and cats well-groomed to maintain their health. And even the well-groomed dog or cat will scratch themselves from time to time. However, if you see them scratching more than usual, check for fleas. Even a single flea sighting is evidence that more may be lurking. Assume that pets have brought them into your home and immediately treat with flea baths.

Frequent brushing is also a good defense to keep fleas away because it spreads their protective skin oils across the coat.  Plus, it gives you a good opportunity to look for evidence of fleas that may be hiding within their fur.

2 – Maintain your yard

A well-kept yard will actually be a major deterrent to keep fleas away, as well as ticks and similar invaders. They dislike short-cut grass because they want dense “foresty” conditions which give them plenty of places to hide. Likewise, keep any shrubs, bushes, and other plants on your property nicely trimmed. With domesticated pets going out on a regular basis, this will make it less likely they will track fleas into your home.

3 – Keep wildlife out

If you frequently have raccoons, squirrels, feral cats, and other mammals traipsing through your yard, they’re probably bringing fleas with them. And, in the winter months, it’s not uncommon for wildlife to seek refuge in your home invading attics, crawl spaces, and basements. This is yet another way fleas can enter and set up shop.

Fencing off your yard may help to deter wildlife. Plus, avoid putting food anywhere that wild animals can get at it including bird-feeders. Squirrels and other animals will be attracted to these types of devices.

What to Expect from an Expert Pest Control Flea Treatment

4 – Vacuum your home and upholstery regularly

Fleas may not require a dirty home to get a foothold, but it certainly helps to conceal their presence. In particular, it becomes very easy for fleas to lay their eggs in carpets and on plush upholstery. Regular, thorough vacuuming can do a lot to stop this. Don’t only hit high-traffic areas. Fleas and their eggs will more likely be found in places such as the underside of couch cushions, and underneath furniture. Dispose of your vacuum cleaner bag immediately after use, if it contains fleas, larvae, or eggs. Otherwise, they may find ways to escape the bag and return to the floor or your furnishings.

5 – Lay down some food-grade diatomaceous earth in your carpet

If you suspect you have the beginnings of a flea problem, but they haven’t turned into a genuine infestation, food-grade diatomaceous earth can be a lifesaver. This natural substance – basically powdered fossilized rock – is 100% safe for humans and pets. But, it is a deadly desiccant (dehydrator) to all insects which ingest it. It’s also easy to acquire from a variety of sources at an affordable price. Sprinkle it all over your carpet and upholstered furniture, let it stay for a couple days, then vacuum it out. This could prevent an outbreak of fleas, as well as other microscopic insects from invading your home.

Prevention and Management of Fleas in Residential & Commercial Properties 

A flea infestation can grow from a single sighting to a full-blown outbreak in the blink of an eye. If following these 5 tips don’t keep fleas away, you should seek the help of a professional pest control company. Calling in the professionals is the fastest, most effective way to rid your flea problem from your home.

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