seasonal tick spray treatment for condo complexesDon’t let the dip in temps and the frequent flurries fool you. It’s time to start thinking about spring.

Yup, we went there.

While it may only be February, before you know it March will be upon us (after all, February is the shortest month) and spring will be within reach. As soon as the ground thaws and trees bud, ticks will be assuming their place as the bug to beware.

Property managers and condominium companies know the dangers of tick-borne illnesses and should be diligent about treating their grounds. Pre-season spraying and tick pesticide maintenance throughout the season is of particular interest when it comes to maintaining condo properties.

Where You Should Spray for Tick Prevention:

  • Green-spaces, lawns, walkways, and common areas
  • Wooded property around the condo complex
  • Landscaped flower beds and backyards
  • Play areas and around community outdoor amenities

Residents of a condominium complex need maximum protection, both from ticks and harmful chemicals. Therefore, you should choose a pest control company that offers tick spray and tick pesticides that are safe for people, pets, and plants.

Our Tick Spray Solutions for Condos

Expert Pest Control, New England’s #1 partner for commercial and residential tick infestation removal services, is native to the area. We have been providing tick lawn treatment and eco-friendly tick spray options to property managers to prevent an outbreak of ticks in residential communities. We help prevent residents from potentially contracting tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease, by controlling the spread of ticks in condo complexes and community grounds. Read our other blog post about our condo pest control solutions for even further information.

It may still be chilly outside, but it’s time to get into the mindset of spring. So contact Expert Pest Control to schedule a pre-season tick spray. Learn about our maintenance plans for management companies and facilities personnel to help protect your property year-round from ticks and seasonal insects.

Call us at 800-253-3093, or request a quote below, to learn about our full service, customer-centric pest control solutions. Find out why Expert Pest Control is trusted by more residential and commercial property owners throughout New England. Contact Us Today!

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