condo pest controlFrom hi-rise buildings to garden apartments and attached townhomes, property managers of complexes face unique challenges when it comes to condo pest control and infestation maintenance.

Indoors and out, you are tasked with ensuring the safety and well-being of residents. Insects, rodents, and wildlife, however, can jeopardize your property and cause serious damage including unsafe living conditions and costly lawsuits by residents.

Our Condo Pest Control Solutions

Expert Pest Control, New England’s leading partner for the maintenance and extermination of vermin, works with property managers to mitigate the risk of infestation. Our experienced technicians assess buildings and grounds to determine potential risk factors that pose vulnerabilities and recurrence of pests.

We look for red flags and go right to the source to locate hives, nests, and entry points, which could increase your liability. Our condo pest control solutions include regular maintenance plans as well as emergency services to rid your property of the following:

  • Insects – Including seasonal tick, mosquito, and black fly treatment
  • Stinging/Biting bugs– Such as wasps & yellow jackets
  • Cockroaches & Silverfish
  • Mice & Rats
  • Small Wildlife – Squirrels, raccoons, bats, and subsequent breeding areas
  • Carpenter Ants & Termites – That can result in structural damage
  • Birds Nest Removal

Our technicians are skilled in safe trap and release methods, and we also offer eco-friendly commercial grade rid agents. Our selection of green products are safer for people, plants, and pets which homeowners appreciate when treating residential properties.

Infestation can damage a condo’s reputation as well as the safety and integrity of the building itself. Termites and wildlife can eat away at foundational supports and gnaw at wiring and cables, while rodents can carry disease which can spiral out of control and lead to dangerous living conditions. For some residents with allergies, stinging insects and hives can result in a life-threatening situation if condos and property managers don’t handle the situation swiftly in common areas.

Contact Expert Pest Control for an on-site evaluation or for immediate service. Our team arrives at your property ready to get to work. We don’t send “schedulers” out to a property and check the calendar. Our experts identify the problem and begin treatment right then and there.

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Learn why more property managers and condominium complexes trust Expert Pest Control and how you can benefit from a customized condo pest control maintenance plan and our rapid service. Call us at 800-235-3093.