how to prevent pests during winter in new englandWe’re making a list and you’ll want to check it twice…

Tis’ the season for New England’s pests to exhibit some bad behavior. And unfortunately, the threat of a bag full of coal won’t be enough for them to change their ways.

Rodents, stink bugs, and small wildlife take solace in the warmth of your home during the winter months. Seeking refuge from the cold temperatures, they retreat into attics, basements, behind walls and crawl-spaces that are snug and secure. And while they’re there, they set up house – building nests, breeding and forming a colony of unwanted critters. Pests in winter are persistent and can quickly become a real problem.

Safeguard your home by learning how to prevent pests in the first place. Recognize unwelcome guests before they hold their own holiday housewarming.

How to Prevent Pests During Winter in New England

Who is on the Naughty List:
1) Mice – These crafty little creatures see cracks in the foundation, loose siding, or open vents as a welcome mat with a big flashing sign saying “vacancy”. Mice are deceptive because they can take a tiny opening and manufacture their own side door to your property. Prevent them from finding a new winter haven. Walk the perimeter of your property and seal up all external entry points. Use screens or protective mesh to cover vent spaces, and caulk and insulate to fill crevices and gaps at the base.

2) Squirrels and other small wildlife – Hear some noise on the roof? Reindeer hooves perhaps? Wishful thinking. The sounds are likely squirrels scampering about, looking for a way into a toasty warm attic. These quick critters can climb, jump and gnaw their way in. And once they’ve arrived they will wreak havoc on unsuspecting landlords – chewing through anything and everything in the home. Keep your attic windows closed or covered with screens, and use chimney caps to prevent entry. Look for shavings and holes in the drywall, frame, and insulation that would indicate squeaky squatters.

3) Stink Bugs – Around the 1990s stink bugs immigrated to the US from Asia. Since then these small brown insects have invaded New England homes in the fall and winter. True to their name, stink bugs emit a detectable odor that makes their presence known in a most unpleasant way; and they come in droves looking for shelter in the chillier months. At the first sign of a stink bug on the outside of your home, seal potential entry points to avoid their access indoors. Chemical deterrents can be applied, but once inside, stink bugs are almost impossible to remove. And you will likely be stuck with these housemates until spring.

Expert Pest Control is only a phone call away too if you need a professional that knows how to prevent pests in the winter. Our technicians can help you identify the infestation, and point out risks around your property that may attract pests into your home. We are New England’s leading partner for commercial and residential pest management, and we pride ourselves on helping eliminate seasonal insects, rodents, and small wildlife in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

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As families and friends enjoy this festive time of year, the furthest thing from your mind should be pests in winter. However, if you find yourself faced with an infestation of unwelcomed houseguests – Expert Pest is coming to town. Call us today at (800) 235-3093 to learn how to prevent pests, or anything else on the naughty list, from coming back for the new year.