There’s a chill in the air and a bite on your leg. Welcome to the holidays!

Weaving in and out of traffic, waiting in long lines at the airport, scrambling to get from point A to point B to spend precious time with loved ones. Yes, we’re entering the most wonderful time of the year, or, in pest control terms – the most infested time of the year.

While many insects die off or lie in wait in a dormant-like hibernation, bed bugs like to kick it up a notch and party with you during the holidays. Before you check into that hotel, vacation rental, or even borrowed couch, know the signs of infestation and learn how to avoid bed bugs before they nibble away at your holiday spirit.

How to Avoid Bed Bugs During The Holidays:

Inspector Bed Bug

  • Before you check-in, check out the Bed Bug Registry or a similar site to see if there are any viral posts about infestation in your chosen hotel.
  • First things first. Drop your bags on tiled or hardwood floor (versus carpeting or furnishing – bed bug havens) to minimize the risk of bed bugs gaining access to personal effects.
  • Inspect common hiding spots including mattresses, box springs, headboards, sofas/chairs, and adjacent furniture for tell-tale signs of bed bugs.

Post-Holiday Cheer

  • Make sure bed bugs haven’t hitch-hiked to their next party on your person or in your luggage.
  • Before entering your home, brush off your clothing, shake off all apparel from your suitcase, and throw that stuff right into the laundry on high heat to eliminate any lingering buggers.
  • Following your trip, check for skin irritations, red bumps, or a rash that could indicate bed bugs

Now that we’ve illustrated ourselves to be the Grinch that stole seasonal fun, let us enlighten you on how to avoid bed bugs during your next getaway.

Believe it or not, packing light can help you minimize the risk of bed bugs. No, we’re not telling you to backpack your way through vacation. Packing light or bright colored clothing has been scientifically proven to detract bed bugs. Because bed bugs gravitate to darker shades to shield from predators, bold bright colors have been shown to repel these pests. Plus, brighter colored clothing makes it easier to see any stragglers that decide to risk it and hitch a ride on your body.

Expert Pest Control, New England’s leading partner for commercial and residential pest management, helps individuals and lodging professionals maintain the spread of bed bugs. We identify areas of concern and treat for insects before a larger bed bug outbreak occurs. We also help vacationers who return with bed bug bites eliminate any trace of the pests from their homes. For more information, or if you suspect bed bugs on your property, give us a call and our experienced technicians will come out, assess your property, and begin the process of eliminating pests right away.

For more information about pest control services in New England, including bed bug removal, give us a call at 800-235-3093. Expert Pest Control can design a protection plan that shields your property from unwanted pests year-round. 

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