Around this time of year new homeowners get settled into properties before the start of the school. While preceding inspections may have revealed infestation or prior damage from pests, new residents should err on the side of caution from the moment they take ownership.

Unpacking, renovations, and getting established in a new area typically takes precedence, though many homeowners are shocked when their new home is also home to unwanted tenants that need evicting. From carpenter ants to termites, mice to small wildlife, on occasion required home inspections can miss the tell-tale signs of infestation – putting a damper on those upcoming housewarming parties.

Red Flags
You’ve been handed the key to an empty house. But is it really unoccupied? As a new homeowner, an empty house can be pretty revealing. Take a look around to see if you spot any of these red flags.

  • Holes in walls, floorboards, and cabinetry
  • Gnaw marks, wood shavings, and ripped or chewed screens
  • Brittle or crumbling wood (stairs, window sills, guard rails, eves)
  • Collection of sticks and paper shavings in attics and basements
  • Small pellet-like droppings in kitchens or near food sources
  • Insects flocking in a specific area

New Home Pest Inspection & Treatment
Expert Pest Control (EPC), the Northeast’s leading partner for residential and commercial extermination, offers new homeowners the peace of mind to move in without the worry of infestation with a new home pest inspection. Our regional experts, local to your area, know exactly what to look for and identify any risks associated with pests.

Our skilled technicians work with new residents to inspect every inch of a property and determine if infestation exists, identify prior damage that can compromise the home, and work to protect your residence with preventative treatment options.

Residential Home Management Programs
From day one, Expert Pest Control is your best defense against insects in the home, biting and stinging bugs, vermin, and ridding wildlife.  We evaluate the property, provide home pest inspection and treatment options including safe eco and pet friendly formulas, and begin treating your property that same day. We offer a variety of scheduling options as well as on-demand services to ensure your home remains free of infestation.

Expert Pest Control is trusted by more MA, NH, and Southern ME residents. Our unparalleled attention to detail and service during a home pest inspection process, expertise in identifying hives, nests, and breeding grounds that treat the source of the problem to minimize future outbreaks, and educating homeowners on ways to prevent infestation has made us a household name.

Call us at (800) 235-3093 to learn about services for new homeowners, or to have an EPC tech visit your new property and work with you to safeguard against infestation. Trust Expert Pest Control for lifelong protection that will allow you to enjoy your home for years to come.

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