To the everyday shopper, it’s a treasure trove of weekend wares. In the pest control industry however, the flea market represents one of the many groups of blood sucking parasites we deal with regularly.

Most people relate fleas to the itching, scratching, and biting of furry family members. After all, that is the most common vehicle for infestation. Domesticated pets that are outdoors and in contact with other animals are susceptible to fleas without proper protection.

Fleas tend to feed off the blood of dogs and cats, as well as feral and wild animals. While they do not fly, they are capable of jumping from host to host with ease. Once in the home, they will continue biting on pets – resulting in the uncomfortable scratching and gnawing of skin commonly associated with fleas. Since their survival depends on an intake of blood, if they are not getting the food source they need from the animal, they will seek out human hosts.

Skin irritations and bite marks are a typical sign that fleas have moved on to people.  You may also notice small blood stains on clothing or linens where the parasites feed. Adult fleas can also be seen with the naked eye. As they leap from hosts in search of their next meal, fleas may be seen jumping from furnishings to you and your pets. And, while the fear of infestation alone can send shivers down the spine of any home or pet owner, fleas can also transmit disease. It’s important that you begin treatment immediately after suspecting fleas have entered your property or have latched on to your dog or cat.

Unfortunately, over-the-counter flea products prove ineffective in ridding an entire flea population. DIY killers are a quick fix but rarely get to the root of the problem. Professional pest control is the only way to ensure you exterminate all live fleas and larvae left behind to minimize the risk of reoccurrence. OTC products can help with prevention. Protecting your dog or cat with flea collars, powders, and topicals will provide some piece of mind. Ask your veterinarian which products they recommend to keep your dog or cat safe from flea bites and disease.

Expert Pest Control, New England’s leading partner for commercial and residential trapping, extermination, and maintenance helps home and business owners eliminate pests, including getting rid of fleas. Our flea division experts work with lodging facilities, veterinary hospitals, and other businesses that are vulnerable to infestation, as well as the residential property owner at risk.

We make it our mission is to identify and treat the source of the problem with safe, innovative products that effectively get rid of pests. For more information about our services, including regular maintenance plans, or to schedule treatment, give us a call at 800-235-3093.

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