Like many offices, your company is a melting pot of people and personalities. What it shouldn’t be filled with however, are pests.

Ants, while not a biting or stinging bug, will plague a workplace and disrupt a productive team. They are a particularly common nuisance that can quickly become an uncontrollable infestation if you don’t act swiftly and take immediate action.

As many of today’s offices favor wide open collaborative work spaces, and more employees work through lunch dining and snacking at their desks, ants have increased access to food sources. Follow these simple suggestions to keep an ant infestation from overtaking your workplace.

  1. Don’t Leave Food Out
    Spread the word to all employees that food should not be left out on their desks overnight, and stored properly (preferably sealed in air-tight containers) during the day.
  2. Use the Kitchen and Break Rooms
    Encourage your staff to leave their desks and dine in dedicated food spaces including kitchen areas, break rooms, and communal cafes.
  3. Avoid Clutter
    Ants may flock to messy desks and cluttered cubicles that offer ideal hiding spaces. Minimize the chaos to keep ants away.
  4. Choose Trash Receptacles Wisely
    Avoid tossing half eaten apples and perishables in open trash cans at your desk and opt for those with a lid commonly found in kitchen areas or elsewhere around the office.
  5. Clean and Sanitize
    Don’t cry over spilled milk but do clean it up. Spills and stains should be washed and removed immediately to avoid build-up or mold, and crumbs should be cleared from all surfaces.

At the first sign of ants by your desk, you may be tempted to grab the first rid agent spray you can find. Don’t. This is a short-term solution to a much bigger problem. Look around your workspace to try and identify the attractors that keep ants coming back.

Expert Pest Control, New England’s leading pest management company, help business owners and commercial property managers avoid ant infestation in the workplace. Our commercial services division specializes in corporate and industrial spaces, and zeros in on the contributing factors that can cause pest outbreaks.

Our experts come into your office, inspect the property, and use commercial-grade insecticides that eliminate ants and other pests, while maintaining a safe working environment. Our maintenance programs provide business owners and property managers with customized solutions to keep their commercial properties pest free.

Contact us to learn more about our commercial pest control services, and how you can maintain a pest-free environment for employees.

Ready to prevent ants in the office? Call us at (800) 235-3093 for an expert inspection now! Expert Pest Control can design a protection plan that shields your property from unwanted pests year-round. 

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