vacationIt’s that time of year again. Garlands of lights adorn houses, festive tunes play endlessly on the radio, and the succulent smells of side dishes fill the air. From Thanksgiving to the end of the year the Holiday Season brings weary travelers hither and yon to be with friends and family. And, while joyous and celebratory good cheer is spread from home to home…so are bed bugs.

Believe it or not, pest control experts receive an uptick in calls about bed bugs in early January as a result of holiday travel. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t go visiting grandma who has been slaving over a hot stove, but you should take steps to avoid harboring unwanted guests when you try to recover from your holiday hangovers.

With a revolving door of guests, the constant planes, trains, and bus travel involved, and overnight lodgers from afar, it’s easy to see how bed bugs can invade any property this time of year.

Have Bed Bug Will Travel

  • From hotels to private homes, bed bugs do not discriminate
  • Bed bugs know how to hide and how to hitch a ride
  • Bed bugs love to sight see in luggage and clothing
  • And sometimes they just prefer to hang out on furnishings, from headboards to upholstery

Partying in Public Places
Whether you’re celebrating the season with crowds of people or a houseful of friendly visitors, you are inadvertently giving bed bugs an open invitation to join the party. As it happens the term “bed bug” is misleading. While they are commonly found in mattresses and box springs, the truth is bed bugs will infest all different furnishings as well as the clothes on your back.

How Bed Bugs Prepare for the Holidays

  1. While last-minute accommodations may be few and far between during this time of year, these pests may check out a database called The Bed Bug Registry to see where their friends have stayed, or determine if they want to be the first to write a review.
    (note to avoid pests: if you are making reservation you may want to review this or a similar site to find out if any pests have been reported in the last 6 months.)
  2. When staying in a hotel, bed bugs love it when you drop your bags on the bed or on the carpet and start to unpack right away.
    (note to avoid pests: inspect the room before you unpack. Place your baggage on a tile floor and check the room for tell-tale signs of infestation.)
  3. No matter where you stay, bed bugs love visiting new places and quickly make themselves at home to host their own holiday parties for friends.
    (note to avoid pests: it’s good to shake out all your belongings from luggage and overnight travel before you get into the house. Place articles of clothing in the washer and dryer on high heat in case a little critter made its way into your bags.)
  4. Bed bugs love room service and dining in.
    (note to avoid pests: Check for bites. In the days following your journeys, check your skin for red bumps or a rash that could indicate bed bug bites.)

Take heart. It is very possible to enjoy the holidays and avoid the bed bug bite wherever you go (we can’t help you avoid that crazy aunt with the ugly sweater though). With a few simple steps, you can remain vigilant and pest-free.

If you notice signs of bed bugs after you travel, it’s important to rid the problem before the infestation gets out of hand. The fastest, easiest way to remove bed bugs from your property is to call in the professionals.

At Expert Pest Control, we conduct extensive inspections we quarantine areas to minimize contamination to other spaces, and treat infested areas to eliminate bed bugs. Continued treatment is usually necessary for up to a few weeks to rid any remaining larvae that could accelerate another outbreak.

Before you take off into the gridlock that ushers in the holidays, make sure you protect yourself and your family against pests that could damper the spirit of the season.

As New England’s local pest control company, our professionals provide prompt, friendly service to our area neighbors. We can help you contain pests and insects, clear your property of rodents and wildlife, and offer management programs to create a barrier against future infestation. Call us today at (800) 235-3093 or request a quote and to learn how you can protect your home and family with regular treatment this summer season.

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